What on earth to do with cabbage

Cabbage is brilliant. It’s a reliable, hardy crop that has kept us in greens throughout the colder months (nay, the year) literally, for eons. Here are some top tips to turn it into a firm favourite in your home.


1. Quickie

Finely shredded and cooked in a bit of oil with some garlic, maybe some leeks too, till tender. Add a few drops of water to help soften it. Season. Great as a side or fold it through some mash to make Bubble & Squeak.

2. Spicy

Cabbage loves a bit of spice. Cookas above but sprinkle in a pinch of cumin seeds or some fresh chilli, ginger and splash of soy sauce. Delicious with pan-fried fish or tofu.

3. Smoky

Winter veg and smoked bacon were meant for each other. This is especially true for cabbage. Finely shred the cabbage as above. Snip some rashers of smoky bacon into pieces. Fry till golden. Fold the cabbage through along with a little splash of oil and cook till tender. Add some chestnuts or grated apple, or both. A delicious side dish - or toss through a heap of buttered pasta. Or, scatter the lot over a vegetable soup.

4. Braised

This is a stunning way to eat cabbage. Cutting through the core, cut your head of cabbage into chunky wedges. Fry the wedges in a bit of butter or oil until golden on each side. Season. Trickle enough stock to come ½ way up the cabbages. Let it bubble up for a few mins. Turn the wedges over. Pop a lid on and place in a hot (180°C/ Gas 4) oven till nice and tender, about 30 mins. Delicious with pan-fried lamb chops and carrots.

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