Here comes the sun

Put your courgettes on the grill, splash some vodka on your melon and
let the sun go to your head when it comes to eating this season’s organic fruit & veg.



Serve thin slices with
a gloss of elderflower
cordial, or elderflower
vodka for a punch-like
summer pudding.


Quarter, thread onto
skewers and flash on
the barbecue. Pair with
ice cream for a fun pud.


Check our amazing
Apricot Bread & Butter
recipe online.
Delicious cold at a picnic.



Cook with a splash of water and
a drop of honey for the most
delicious sauce to drizzle over
your breakfast yogurt, or to top
off a cream filled meringue nest.



Slice into long, thin
panels and grill or
griddle till nicely
charred. Lovely dusted
with turmeric, a gloss of
oil and pickled chillies.



Gorgeous in salads,
especially with
watercress, grilled
halloumi and mint.


  Cherry tomatoes  

Halve. Mix in a bowl with a
pinch of salt and toasted cumin
seeds. Use your hands till all the
juices make a gorgeous dressing.
Drizzle with oil for the simplest
of salads, or pile on toast.



Blend ripe nectarines up
with a little honey for a
fresh and fruity topping
for pancakes.


  Bunched carrots  

Roast or poach whole
bunched carrots (tops
removed) till tender. Top
with a herb yogurt. Garnish
with a few of the tops, or use
the leaves to make your veg
stock golden.


Broad beans

Pluck the beans from their
pods, rinse with boiling
water, remove their white
skins and turn into an
amazing dip by blending
the beans with feta and
mint. Serve with Broad
Bean Pod Fritters

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