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One of the reasons we work with the farmers we do is because they share our value of nose-tot tail eating which is using as much of the animal as possible.They work closely with artisan butchers who hand prepare every animal and lend their skill and know-how to everything from 21 day traditionally hung beef to the more unusual nose-to-tail cuts.


There are some real treats (and culinary adventures) to be had – check out our handy guide and discover just some of our new and exciting cuts to try. Whether you’re after something speedy or have some time on your hands, there’s something for everyone. So go on, now’s the perfect time to put down that fillet and pick up an oxtail (or cheek). Trust us, you’re going to love it.

Brilliant Organic Beef
Shortribs - taken from the brisket, they're so meaty and versatile. Try marinading Korean-style with soy sauce or German-style with onions and red wine. Tomahawk steak - taken from the fore-rib, the entire rib bone is left on and French-trimmed (so the bone has no meat or fat on it). A monster of a steak, simply massage with salt and pepper, sear, then roast till cooked to your liking. Rest it for 10-15 mins.

Beautiful Organic Lamb & Mutton
Fore-shanks - these are from the lower part of the lamb’s leg and are smaller than traditional lamb shanks. Pop them in a pot with red wine, garlic and rosemary and slow cook for loads of flavour and fall-off-the bone tender meat. Diced mutton - this lean meat is taken from the shoulder and has a stronger flavour than diced lamb. Amazing in stews, curries and casseroles.

Organic Pork Perfection

Cheeks - These incredibly flavoursome and hard-to-find morsels are wonderfully versatile and most tender when braised or stewed - cook with apples and beer and pair with sweet potato mash. Pork rib rack - these are packed with flavour. Grill, roast, barbecue or slow-cook them. Marinade them and turn into our Sticky Sesame Ribs.

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