12 Makers of Christmas - Alberto Torres - Organic clementines

What is it about the tradition of leafy organic clementines around Christmas that has stood the test of time? It used to be one of the rarest of treats – hard to come by and often very expensive (any grandparent can attest to that!). Or is it that they’re already segmented – perfect for sharing with loved ones during the season of giving. Either way, of all the types of orange, organic clementines still have us under their spell. Discover the story behind our stocking fillers below.


Alberto Torres grows some of our fantastic organic clementines in beautiful Valencia, Spain. A real nature buff, Alberto loves a spot of mountaineering and mountain biking when he’s not on the farm. In 2000, Alberto wanted to do his part to protect the local area he loved so much.

“When I started to grow organic, I didn’t have a clue. At the time, there was very little experience on how to combat the disease and pests that fruit farms can experience,” he explains.


“As time went on, I found that it was easier than you might expect. We had come to a point in agriculture that makes you believe you need everything agronomists, technicians and chemical companies say they have. Instead, what you discover is all you have to do is find the right balance between your farm and nature”.

This time of year we’re always grateful that he persisted. The literal fruits of his labour brighten up our festive fruit bowls and it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

Alberto’s clementines have arrived, ready to be bundled into waiting Christmas stockings. Pop a few into your basket and light up someone’s festive day.

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