10 ways to go green in 2019

This year, we’re trying harder than ever before to be green. We've been busy thinking outside (and inside) the box, dreaming up new ways to make a sustainable difference in 2019. With just one small switch every month, we Veg Heads can make the world of difference. Join us on our journey to make little green changes through the year at #GoGreenIn2019 and #MyAbelandCole. See how many simple switches you can make to go green in 2019 – here’s just 10 ways to get started.

  • Having an organic shop is a brilliant way to make a difference. By supporting organic farmers you’re helping them continue doing what they do best, whether it’s leaving hedgerows for wildflowers and pollinators to grow and flourish, or shying away from pesticides.
  • Something as simple as remembering to turn the charger off when you're finished juicing up your phone can save a surprising amount of electricity. Easy squeazy.
  • Invest in a reusable bottle for water and a keep-cup for hot drinks. These can be refilled at cafés while you're out and about, saving on paper cups and plastic bottles.
  • Can't live without candles? Opting for matches over lighters cuts down on plastic in a small but significant way.
  • No kerbside collection for food waste? Take a look around and see if a local allotment or community garden could use your compostables.
  • Don't let a single bite of your organic veg go to waste. Batch cook your meals and save some for the freezer. Your future self will thank you! Try our One Pot Wonder Box is great for a bit of a batch cooking session. 
  • Speaking of food waste – try out one of our recipes for using up leftovers such as fruit peel.
  • Shopping with a by-the-box grocery delivery (ahem) will help cut down on supermarket plastic. That's one you can tick off right away!
  • Your meals deserve better than plastic cutlery. Keep a trusty fork in your bag, or embrace finger-food! It's a classic, and for good reason.
  • Energy saving light bulbs can cut down your bills, and your carbon footprint at the same time. Win-win!
This is just a few of the many ways you can make a big difference by making small changes. See how many switches you can complete to make 2019 your greenest year yet.
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