The best drinks for Dry January (and beyond)

From Dry Jan to Stoptober, drinks producers of all types are responding to the demand for higher quality low and no ABV drinks from the modern world. The team at Veg HQ spent a good chunk of 2019 tasting and investing in some brilliantly tasty, organic tipples that make not drinking, for whatever reason, that splash more delicious. Our drinks guru, Honey spills what she'll be tucking into this season.


Pri Secco Cuvee No.25

Pri Secco Cuvee No.25

Made in Germany’s South-Eastern region Swabia, ex-winemaker Jőrg decided to put his energies into creating these high-quality alternatives to wine with just the same amount of detail and care as a bottle of good wine. Made from old variety heritage orchard fruits such as pear and apple and blended with herbs, flowers and spices found in the meadows of the area. Tongue-tingling notes of Douglas fir pine, cooked plum and elderflower and soft bubbles make this a pretty perfect accompaniment to your well-behaved days, when water just doesn’t cut it!

ACI16 - Jorg Geiger Poire Artisan 2%

Jorg Geiger Poire Artisan 2%

This ultra-low ABV Perry (or Poirée as Del Boy and the French would put it!) is proof that pear cider is back and he’s all grown up. From the producers of our popular ‘Pri-Secco’ range comes this racy yet fruity sparkler made with indigenous pear varieties in the South of Germany. Reaching up to 12 metres high, these ancient pear trees help create this wonderfully soft and vibrant perry, which sings of ripe pear skins and elderflower. If food pairing, make sure to match with a little salt – blue cheese is our favourite! Best served in a chilled wine glass. 

Kombucha Collective

Kombucha Collective

Fermented fizz lovers, look this way! If you are like me and you love the feel-good fizzy delights that kombucha offers, along with all its digestive benefits, then this organic range may well be up your alley. Originally crafted in a spare bedroom in Yorkshire by some determined backpackers fresh from travels around Asia, it wasn’t long before their kombuchas were sky high in demand and Equinox Kombuchas was born (and in case you were wondering, they moved production out of that spare room!). Choose from flavours such as Espresso, Raspberry and Elderflower, or my favourite, Peach and Tumeric. We've even a subscription club you can sign up to for a regular, varied supply.

Dolden Null Low Alcohol IPA Reidenburger

Dolden Null Low Alcohol IPA Reidenburger

Sometimes, the taste is all you need. For those that crave the taste of a crisp, refreshing IPA but want to skip the alcohol content, this IPA by German producer Reidenburger, who launched their brewing company in 1866 (!), is a one-stop shop for deliciousness. Tart, fruity and perfectly hoppy, and made from the finest sustainable and organic ingredients. Naturally.

Fatty’s Pink Grapefruit Spirit Drink

Fatty's Pink Grapefruit Spirit Drink

I love a good G+T, but often the fall out of having more than one just isn’t worth it. Who made spirits to be 40% ABV anyway?! Fortunately for me, there is now Fatty’s, a brand started in a shed this time, a shed in London’s Dulwich by an avid gin lover who was all for the flavour, and less for the foggy brain syndrome that so often comes with consuming a few. This version is accented with grapefruit as well as spikes of juniper and arrives at a humble 20% ABV, perfect for those who want to stay fresh.

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