Organic farming on the Foskett Farm

The summer of 2020 didn’t quite go as planned for most people, but with organic veg, life goes on. We’re digging into what’s fresh from James Foskett’s fields over in Suffolk, highlighting a pair of veggies that didn’t exactly get the lockdown memo. In fact, two seasonal stars have been sprouting up fresher than ever, ready to strut their stuff in your Fruit & Veg Box this August.


One of the first things you’ll spot in James Foskett’s fields these days are the swaying fronds of carrot tops. Like a few of us, they’ve grown a pretty bushy fringe over the summer months and they’ll be heading your way fully attached. They make an excellent pesto spread or garnish for your summer salads with a grassy, parsley-like flavour. A firm hand and a good tug reveals the bright orange roots underneath and it certainly takes a fair few hands to get them all up. The farm’s pickers pluck up around a million bunches over the summer as organic farming really relies on such a manual approach. Even under lockdown, James’ staff have been tending to and weeding their fields by hand (socially distanced, of course).

Organic peas 

You could say that our second seasonal star is a bit of an expert when it comes to staying inside with its relations, but that’s just the way it goes for organic garden peas. They’ve spent the last few months self-isolating under fleecy duvets but with the warmer weather the covers are whipped off ready to soak up some rays. Again, the delicate work of weeding and picking each pod is a hands-on affair for the folk at Foskett Farm and they’ve been busy as bees harvesting from each vine. Speaking of pollinators, James’ farm favours a natural insecticide of garlic and chrysanthemum extracts to ward off any unwelcome pests. Organic solutions like these don’t hamper the diversity of life around the farm, but instead clear the way for vital pollinators to make their commute safely.

James Foskett's colourful crops will be starring in our Fruit & Veg Boxes this summer, and you can top up your order with them too. Head to our veg patch to see what's fresh from the field.

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