Strawberry season at Haygrove Farm

July is finally here! And while we’re not foolhardy enough to ever get too far from our brollies if we can venture outside, we’re still looking forward to all that that the summer months have to offer. Starting with stunning organic strawberries and other seasonal stars from Haygrove Farm.


The jewels in the crown of the organic summertime are the berries. We’ve had stellar weather for growing this year, and the eco-conscious gang at Haygrove (just down the road from Veg HQ in Ledbury) will be picking (and somehow resisting the temptation to munch) them as you read this.

It’s not just the fruit that’s sweet where these guys are concerned. In fact, their ‘20 By 28’ project is on course to establish twenty new community gardens for therapeutic and educational purposes by, you guessed it, 2028. They even have an innovative system of recycling agricultural plastics into sustainable building materials for their farms. Berry cool!

We’ll be seeing lots of these little lovelies in our organic fruit & veg boxes this year, so be sure to take a look at our humongousselection of recipes if you get the chance. It’s a bit like having the brains of three talented kitchen experts at your beck and call, and who doesn’t want that? 

Strawberry recipes

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