Garland making guide

If our Greek staycation series has you in the mood to get crafty, check out our step-by-step garland making guide with Clauds and her little helper. It's a great summer holiday activity to keep the kids busy foraging for foliage, and when you're done, you can challenge them to a philosophical debate. Don't forget to share your snaps!


You'll need: 
- Florist's wire, thin gardening wire or similar - enough to make your base circle, and then to wrap your stems - I used about 60cm - 20 for the base circle and 40 for wrapping
- Secateurs or scissors 
- Flowers, herbs or foliage

Garland making guide steps 

1. Measure your wire to fit your head, with an extra 1cm allowance

2. Attach your second piece of wire so it's anchored to the front of your circular base.

3. Plan your greenery by laying it out. It's nice to have three or four varieties to create a repeat motif. Mirror the sides so your flowers and or leaves face forward, towards your centre point.

4. Attach the stems by wrapping wire around them, add one or two stems at a time.

5. Repeat on the other side.

6. Secure your wire ends, don your garland and skip gladly through the fields of barley whilst listening to your music of choice.

Top tip: Some foliage and most flowers wilt quickly, so make on the day you intend to wear it.

Garland making guide steps 

Our summer staycation is inspired by the beautifulculture and cuisine of Greece. Come away with us to the land of epic poetry, olive groves, and endless feta.

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