11 Eco-Friendly Products for a Plastic-Free Life

Tired of sorting between the plastic trays, pots, films and bottles packed into your weekly shop? Still scratching your head over which bin to pop them in? We’re here to lend a hand with 11 eco-friendly products to help you go plastic-free for Plastic-Free July. Even making just a few small, sustainable changes with these eco-friendly products can make a long-lasting difference to the world.


1. Coconut Bowl, Panda Packaging

Simple, sustainable and beautifully handmade. Panda Packaging turn discarded coconut shells from Bali into these stunning, plastic-free bowls. Fill their hand-carved, hand-polished creations with your favourite smoothies, salads and curries, then pop them in the compost when their journey comes to an end.

Coconut Bowl

2. Insulated Classic Bottle, Klean Kanteen

Can you believe that in the early 2000s, you couldn’t find a reusable, stainless steel water bottle in the US? Klean Kanteen changed that with their BPA-free alternatives, and their Insulated Classic Bottle set a new standard for eco-friendly products. This 20oz bottle has Climate Lock™ double-wall vacuum insulation to keep cool drinks chilled for up to 50 hours and warm soups cosy for up to 20 hours. It’s also chip-resistant and made from food-grade stainless steel with a medical-grade silicon seal in the cap.

Insulated Classic Bottle

3. Beeswax Food Wraps, BeeBee

There’s more to these innovative Beeswax Food Wraps than the beautiful designs on each sheet. BeeBee didn’t see the sense in wrapping the world in more single-use clingfilm and foil, so they crafted a reusable, plastic-free alternative from breathable, organic cotton coated in natural beeswax. Bundle up your lunches and leftovers in these wipe-clean wraps to keep them fresh, or wrap around your bread loaves to stave off staleness. 

Beeswax Food Wraps

4. Paper Sandwich & Snack Bags, If You Care

If You Care’s Paper Sandwich & Snack Bags are an excellent, eco-friendly product for Plastic-Free July. When it comes to picnics, you won’t need rolls of single-use clingfilm to keep your sarnies fresh, just use these plastic-free bags instead. What makes the bags even more sustainable is that they’re made with unbleached wood pulp from a renewable grove of spruce trees. That means these microwave-safe bags have no nasty chemicals inside and keep your snacks safe and dry, ready for the moment you tuck in.

Paper Sandwich & Snack Bags

5. Bamboo Pot Brush, Panda Packaging

It’s not just coconuts that Panda Packaging give new life to, their Bamboo Pot Brush is a sustainable product that swaps plastic sponges for just two natural ingredients. Their pot brushes are made with moso bamboo sourced from discarded scaffolding in China. They’re then carved by hand into brush handles with detachable heads and fitted with sturdy bristles from renewably-grown sisal plants. With their detachable, compostable heads, you can hang on to your reusable, plastic-free brush when the bristles wear down and simply attach a new head to limit waste even more.

Bamboo Pot Brush

6. Body Loofah, LoofCo

If you’re looking for a plastic-free loofah that’s kinder to the planet, LoofCo’s Body Loofah is the natural, eco-friendly product for you. Each one is handmade from sustainably-grown luffa plants by local crafters in Egypt, using techniques passed down over generations. In water, these loofahs swell and soften into a soft sponge that’s gentle on the skin, but still helps exfoliate with each satisfying scrub.

Body Loofah

7. All-in-1 Plastic-Free Shampoo, Body & Shave Bar, Balade En Provence

Going plastic-free makes life easier in more ways than one, and Balade En Provence’s All-in-1 Shampoo, Body & Shave Bar helps keep you clean and clean-shaven with a single bar. The formula in each one combines coconut oil and shea butter to help enrich hair and moisturise skin while you wash or shave. Their all-natural bars are blended with organic ingredients from Balade En Provence’s French orchards that release an invigorating citrus scent with every scrub. Don’t crowd your bathroom with stacks of plastic bottles, just grab a bar of this plastic-free shampoo and make your day a little simpler.

All-in-1 Plastic-Free Shampoo, Body & Shave Bar

8. Super Organic Cotton Tampons, Natracare

It’s important that period care products are comfortable and protective, but they can also be planet-friendly too. Natracare were the first in the world to develop an organic-certified, 100% cotton tampon that’s chlorine-free and plastic-free too. Their tampons are designed to be biodegradable and compostable, so they can be as natural as period care itself.

All-in-1 Plastic-Free Shampoo, Body & Shave Bar

9. 100% Recycled Toilet Paper, Who Gives A Crap

Fight back against deforestation with Who Gives A Crap’s recycled and plastic-free toilet paper. Instead of chopping down trees for their 3-ply sheets, they make their rolls from recycled office paper. On top of protecting the environment, 50% of profits from their toilet rolls are donated to charities around the world, helping rural communities gain access to clean sanitation. And with no film wrapped around these rolls, they’re plastic-free too, helping to combat plastic pollution with every flush.

100% Recycled Toilet Paper

10. Multi-Purpose Cleaner EcoDrop, Ocean Saver

Once you’ve taken your first Ocean Saver spray for a spin, you really question why you ever did things differently. Their innovative, plastic-free EcoDrops are filled with a variety of plant-based solutions for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens and everything in between. You can use these eco-friendly cleaning products in any spray bottle you have by dropping a pod in, filling it with water, shaking and then spraying to your heart’s content. When the bottle runs dry, just top it up with another EcoDrop and fresh water to give your house a green clean with zero waste.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner EcoDrop

11. Club Zero, Abel & Cole

Plastic-Free July is the perfect time to join Club Zero, our very own refillables service. Although our VIPs (Very Important Pots) are made from plastic, they’re part of a zero waste loop that takes single-use plastic out of the equation by being returnable and reusable. Pick from a range of sustainable pantry staples to decant into containers at home, before sending back the pots to be cleaned and reused by us. Club Zero’s mission is to leave you with zero waste to throw in the bin, and instead keep your cupboards filled with natural ingredients and organic snacks.

Club Zero

Published July 2021


With each of these easy, sustainable swaps, another piece of plastic is saved from entering our oceans and polluting the planet. Discover even more ways to cut back on single-use plastics with our selection of plastic-free, sustainable products in our store, right here.


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