Aubergine, Graffiti (1 piece)

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These plump, violet hued organic aubergines with white 'graffiti' stripes look like something out of a still life painting. Inside, the aubergine is much like your average deep-purple one, with a slightly brighter white inside. Because this one's stunning, make the most of its skin by halving the aubergine, scooping out the flesh - dice, season, pan-fry and mix with couscous, feta, diced cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and a handful of herbs, then stuff the aubergine and gently roast until just tender. Country of Origin - Spain Class - Minimum Class 2
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These awesome aubergines are grown by an organic cooperative located in the rolling lushness of the South of France. They also grow our winter lettuces, spring courgettes and summer pears. We go way back with these guys and have been working together for over 10 years now. We’re like brothers (except without the family rows at Christmas or any actual blood relation).

Storage & prep

Aubergines are great to stuff! If used as a container for other ingredients, you will need to leave the skin on for support. Other recipes will want you to remove the skin (they do taste better peeled), firstly remove the stem and then peel downwards in long, thin strips. Then slice them into the shape you need. Keep your aubergine in a cool larder, or in the fridge. It is best eaten as fresh as possible. Once it has been cut, it will not keep well, so you should aim to use it all at once!

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