What on earth to do with squash II

Squash. The most Autumn of Autumn veg. It’s very accommodating, unlike the game, which is just fast and a bit scary. It goes well with chunky socks, and falling leaves.
Here are some wonderful seasonal comfort food tips.

Classic squash

Curry and spice

Squash is one of the most delicious vegetables to add to a curry. The sweetness is a great foil for any spice. It’s amazing in an Indian Korma or Thai curries (red or green). You can even rub it with some Tikka Masala or any spice blend and thread it on skewers for squash kebabs.

Super soup

To get a rich, voluptuous, full-onflavoured soup, roasting your squash is the ticket. Cut into wedges. You can peel before or after. Warm a roasting tin with olive oil. Coat the wedges in the warm oil. Season. Add a few garlic cloves. Roast until really tender. Blitz the warm roasted squash with the garlic, fresh herbs or spice and a little stock, until you get the desired consistency. Warm through with a little cream or butter, if you like. A drop of sherry or cider is also nice.

Carbo fuelled
Squash is fab with pasta, bulgar wheat, quinoa or rice. Sizzle or roast some seasoned hunks of squash until golden and tender. Cook up your favourite carb. Marry. Great combos include: squash and spaghetti drizzled with pesto. Bulgar wheat with soy, ginger, chilli, squash and toasted cashews. Risotto with roasted squash, garlic, mascarpone and hazelnuts. Quinoa with balsamic, walnuts, rocket and pan-fried squash.

Lazy mash
This looks grand and it’s effort free. Go for a rounder variety like the Onion Squash, the pale blue Confection, Kabocha or Sunshine. Halve horizontally. Scoop out seeds. Rub the inside with butter. Add a garlic clove to each half. Roast until really tender. Sprinkle in spice or fresh herbs and a touch more butter or olive oil. Just scoop the mash straight from the squash.
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