What on earth to do with squash

Mashing and roasting is all very well, but kitchens are always on the look out for some high octane fun. Abseiling fridges are so passé, so here are some seasonal squashy adventures for you and yours.


Adventurous squash

Slices of squash make a gorgeous gratin. Slice fairly thin (remove skin before or after – depending on how thick it is). Layer with a little stock, cream, garlic and rosemary, thyme and/or sage. Finish with breadcrumbs and chopped hazelnuts. Or, go Asian with a combo of coconut milk, chilli and ginger, and cashews on top. Roast until the centre is tender and the top is golden. Gorgeous with a whopping salad.

This is great for squash varieties that have a smoother, thinner outer peel – you can eat it and it helps the wedges hold their shape. Just slice your squash into chunky wedges. Scoop out the seeds. Toss with spices. Scatter into an oiled roasting tin in an even layer. Roast until tender and golden. Finish with fresh herbs.

Sweet things
Squash is technically a fruit. So, it’s absolutely brilliant in puddings and afternoon tea sweets. Add a handful of grated squash to your favourite scone mixture, along with some mixed spice and have with our Quince Jam. Or use instead of carrots in your favourite carrot cake recipe. Or go for a classic pumpkin pie.

This is brilliant, especially with thick slices of pan-fried halloumi, red chilli (or our Chilli Jam!) and fresh mint. Pan-fry or roast slices of squash until golden and tender. Sizzle the halloumi with some garlic. Layer the squash and halloumi along with the chilli and mint. Whisk a few eggs. Pour over the layered mix. Sizzle over medium heat to just set the bottom. Pop under your oven grill until the top is puffed up, proud and golden.

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