Tips for starting your MoonWalk training

They say walking a marathon is a lot like eating an elephant (garlic) – you’ve got to take it one bite at a time. With the MoonWalk London only 12 weeks away, it’s time to begin training in earnest. With this in mind, Walk the Walk have given our Abel & Cole team some solid advice to get them started (you can also keep tabs on Team Veg, here).


Ready, steady – grow!

Whether you’re a lean bean fitness machine or a couch potato with high hopes, everyone has to start somewhere. Now you might already be into all kinds of sports or have just decided it’s time to start your fitness journey – but whatever your starting point, for the MoonWalk, you’ve gotta walk.

But I walk all the time! You say. Do I really need to train..? Because of the muscles you will be using, no other form of exercise replaces walking! Don’t be fooled. You may even be a regular gym goer with solid stamina -  but your walking muscle strength may not be strong. On the other hand, maybe you have never taken part in any fitness programme but you walk to work each day. You could already have good walking fitness and strength without even knowing it! The important thing is you make a start, and you’ll find your abilities will grow in no time.

Going at a greener pace

Before setting out on your training journey, it’s a good idea to find your starting point. This way, you’ll be able to see how well your fitness and ability is coming on the more you stick at it. It’s also important not to start off too speedily, as walking too fast too soon could cause injury and strains. On the other hand, by walking too slowly you won’t increase your fitness and could easily lose your motivation before you even get started. Push yourself just a little each session - by setting the correct pace for your fitness level you’re taking the first successful step towards MoonWalk greatness! You’ll then be getting the best from your body and having fun.

Take care of your feet!

One of the best parts of power walking is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. There are loads of fancy gadgets to help track your steps and weather-proof clothes to see you right on your training walks, but really the only essential piece of equipment that you will need is a good pair of walk-specific shoes! Power Walking or Fitness shoes can now be found in many sports shops. Here are four important points to look out for:

A good toe box: This is the area around the toes. Make sure it is rounded, roomy and deep enough to wiggle your toes easily so that each time you push off from the back foot you have plenty of toe protection.

Low heel profile: The angle of a walker’s foot as it pushes off is much greater than that of a runner. With this in mind, look for a shoe with a low heel profile and avoid injuring your Achilles tendon.

Flexibility: Walking shoes must be flexible, supportive and well cushioned underneath the ball of the foot and around the heel - both areas are going to work hard!

With all these considered, you’ll be well on your way to Walking the Walk. Want to get stuck in with us? We’re still looking to add more walkers to our team – so why not join us and be part of our community
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