The perfect jacket

A jacket with an edge – loads of flavour and the
option of roasted garlic butter, too



4 baking potatoes
A handful of sea salt
A garlic bulb (optional)
Fresh rosemary, thyme or sage (optional)
Slices of butter (optional)


1.Heat your oven to 220°C/Gas 6.
2.Scrub your spuds. Pat dry. Pierce with the tip of a knife or a fork all over. This allows heat in and helps steam escape.
3.Scatter the salt over the base of a roasting tray. Pop the spuds on top. Roll to give the spuds a little coating of salt. The salt helps draw the moisture out of the spuds and gives them an intense and rich flavour. 
4.Slice the top off a bulb of garlic and add it to the pan, too, if you like. You can then whip the soft garlic cloves with some butter to slather over your steamy jacket once it’s cooked through.
5.Roast the spuds (and garlic, if using) for 45 mins to 1 hr, or till tender. Turn half way through and pop some fresh herbs in the dish at this stage, if you fancy. They’ll add a little extra hint of flavour.
6.Serve spuds warm with plenty of butter, and a side of cheese and/or chilli.
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