Mind the Hungry Gap

The times are tricky to say the least, meaning the issue of how we get fresh, organic food in our kitchens has never been more important. And while fresh springtime salads and new spuds are on the horizon, we’re now entering that time of year that those in the farming biz call the Hungry Gap.


It’s a tough time for those farming in the UK between late April and early June, and, like so much of British life, it’s all to do with the weather. Our relatively long colder seasons mean that we rely on hardy winter crops (spuds, carrots and the like) for longer. These stocks begin to dry up at this time of year, before new season’s warmer weather in June. Hence the Hungry Gap.

It might seem like a lifetime ago now, but you’ll recall that last June and November were both very washed out. As a result of this-wetter-than-ever weather, yields have been down and the crops themselves much smaller than normal. At this time of year, we look to our farming friends on the continent to keep us in organic food. We’re seeing lots of lovely Med veg coming in, but Spain suffered a winter that was just as wet (and at times hail-ier), so they’re not without their own problems!

The upshot? This year’s Hungry Gap is that little bit wider – but there is still cause for optimism for season eating fans. Just as the Spanish weather begins to warm and their leafy greens give up the ghost, the Dutch step in to bridge the green gap. The first spears of English asparagus and rhubarb are already hitting boxes, and strawberries are almost upon us too. And right around the bend is a new season’s sweet bunched carrots and leafy salad.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram and Facebook to find recipe inspiration for the Hungry Gap Heroes that will be keeping our boxes full to bursting, as well as for tips on what to do with the first of UK season’s exciting goodies as they start to crop up.

Get creative in the kitchen and pick your seasonal veg box today.

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