Make your own Christmas cards

Brussels sprouts are versatile little things. They even make great stamps.
You only need one to make these festive Christmas cards.


You’ll need

A Brussels sprout • A pen • Some card • A sharp knife • A lick of paint. Are you a young 'un? If so, you’ll also need an adult (for their supervision and knife skills)

Step 1:

Cut your sprout in half. Use the tip of the knife to hollow out the very middle.

Step 2:
Loosen the leaves around the outside so your finished wreath has a foliagey look.

Step 3:
Take a piece of card and fold it firmly in half.

Step 4:
Dip your hollowed out sprout half in some green paint, and stamp it firmly on the front of the card.

Step 5:
Use red paint (or a red pen, or sequins, or whatever you like) to add some red berries and a bow to your wreath. You can add baubles with a gold pen, too.

Step 6:
Use a black pen to draw the string that hangs the wreath and a festive message (we felt wild and went with ‘Merry Christmas’).


One impressive, handmade Christmas card. You can use the same stamp technique to make a Christmas pudding card, a snowman or any other vaguely round Christmassy thing you can think of.


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