Craig's Walk the Walk training tips

Craig is a writer here at Abel & Cole, and one-thirtieth of Team Veg; our intrepid band of walk the walkers limbering up for the big London Moonwalk in May (find out all about it here). He’s so eager to get started in fact, that he’s agreed to share his top tips for walkers, as well as some handy training suggestions for anyone who fancies getting involved.


Over the hills and far away

I love hiking of all kinds, but my absolute favourite ever walk would have to be Glyndwr’s Way in Wales. Following in the legendary footsteps of the ancient king Owain Glyndwr through 135 miles of utterly remote and glorious Welsh countryside is something I’ll never forget, and my heartiest recommendation to anyone who enjoys a good trek in the wild.

For something a bit closer to home (and perhaps a good option for Moonwalk trainees) I’d recommend taking on your nearest section of the Thames Path. This is a National Trail, so it’s very well signposted, running right through the heart of London (as you would imagine) as well as out into the surrounding countryside, with some surprisingly remote and beautiful sections further out. You can literally just find your way to the river and start walking in either direction, and if you take on some of the more urban sections, you can find plenty of refreshments along the way. For a more specific recommendation, try ending your walk at Kew Gardens, where you can grab a nice dinner and enjoy a relaxing train home.

One foot in front of the other
Trail mix is the single greatest of all mankind’s inventions, and it’s super easy to make vegan. Your favourite nuts (cashews are always my go-to), banana chips, fresh (or freeze-dried) berries or raisins and some (dark) chocolate chips or buttons will give you both quick and slow release energy, and you can fit a bag in a pocket easily.

Your boots are your best friends. Make sure they fit, that you are comfortable wearing them all day, and that they are properly broken in. Don’t make the mistake of many and buy a new pair only to wear them for the first time on the day of your 23 mile walk. Your feet will thank me! If you don’t have a pair of boots, ensure you’re wearing something that will support your ankles at least a little bit. Comfortable running shoes can even do the trick if the weather is set to stay dry.

My final suggestion would be to pack light. Over the course of 23 miles, you'll start to feel every extra gram that’s on your shoulders. Only pack what you think you will need, and make considered decisions. Your glass water bottle might be lovely, but it sure is going to be heavy! Do you need to put your sandwiches in a container when some tinfoil will do the trick at a fraction of the weight?

I could genuinely go on forever on the topic, but I’ll end by simply wishing you happy trails. Here's hoping we see some of you at the Moonwalk in May!

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