Ask a buyer: organic alcoholic drinks

Say hello to Peter, he's the man behind our fantastic bottles of organic beers, wines and spirits. Always on the lookout for the next thing to bundle into our growing online cellar, Peter is no stranger to an organic brewery and loves working with our fantastic breweries and winemakers. 


Tell us a little bit how you started

Hi, I’m Peter and I look after the alcohol category. Which includes beers, cider, wine, fizz, spirits and liqueurs – the lot. Before I came here I studied philosophy – so ethics are a particular interest of mine.

I’ve always been involved with food and drink from when I was young. I’ve enjoyed going to (and working at) food shows, seeing all the amazing things out there. Abel & Cole I feel is a perfect fit for me. It combines my love for food and drink, and the ethical side too – everything we do is organic, therefore wanting to bring the best to our customers.


What do you love about working at Abel & Cole?

Can I say everything? All the brewers and winemakers I work with are fantastic. I love working with producers who are passionate about organic. Over my time here I’ve built some fantastic relationships – long may this continue.

I love the team in the buying bullpen, too. It’s great to see everyone really believe in organic. We all have the same goal - to deliver the best organic food and drink to our customers, seeing everyone get behind that is amazing!


What do you love most about looking after the alcoholic drinks range?

Besides trying all the great alcohol? The amount of organic beer, wine and spirits that are now available. Even in the time I’ve been here I’ve seen the interest for organic alcoholic drinks grow. It’s fantastic to see more people exploring organic varieties. I’m always on the lookout for the next new thing that our customers will enjoy.

What’s your most memorable working day so far?

I’ve had many fantastic days here at Abel & Cole, but my most memorable has to be going to visit Little Valley Brewery, in my home county in Yorkshire. It was such a beautiful setting in the moors. Meeting Sue and Wim was a pleasure, I discovered everything from how started up to how they brew. Having a few of their wonderful beers at the end of the day was awesome too.

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