We love wonky veg

Some things are just plain silly. The Police Academy films, an example. Silly String, another. Unnecessary food waste, a case in point.

Some shops will only put the perfectly buffed, identikit veg on their shelves, regardless of what they taste like. We believe that the most important thing about a vegetable is its flavour and quality. Sometimes the wonkiest carrot tastes the best.

The really good stuff comes in all shapes and sizes. And to get that, you have to farm properly and naturally, and not tamper with nature. Variety is naturally beautiful and it’s bonkers to let good food go to waste.

There is the odd time though, when we get a bit overenthusiastic and order an extra box or two of carrots. Or a load of courgettes go squish in the night. So what do we do? Well, the stuff we can still eat (but that’s not good enough to send to you) gets turned into lunch for us, thanks to our chef, Paul. Some of it goes to local charities and a nearby foodbank, so other people get a healthy meal, on us.

And it’s a lucky day for the local pigs when there’s anything that we won’t eat. Limp cabbage comes in at number two on the gourmet pig’s wish list. Whilst mushy pears, not peas, are their number one favourite. Silly pigs.

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