Sipping sustainably with Pip Organic

When it comes to sipping sustainably, Pip Organic are the organic masters. We recently caught up with Pip to find out the latest on their sustainable packaging initiatives and their plans for the future. So grab a juice, smoothie or sparkling drink, and settle in to get to know Pip Organic.


Who are Pip Organic?
Pip Organic was founded by husband and wife team, Patrick and Karen, who began creating pure, organic juices at the weekend, from a small stall at London’s well-known Borough Market. The demand for their juices was so great that they realised they needed to commit to juicing full-time. 

Patrick and Karen’s mission is to create flavoursome, healthy food and drink for all the family. Every single one of their offerings is packed full of organic goodness, leaving no room for chemical nasties.

The Piptastic paper straw
Many of Pip Organic’s drinks are perfect for enjoying on-the-go, so they decided to address the issue of plastic straws. The issue of plastic pollution is front of mind for many of us, and single-use plastic straws have faced plenty of necessary scrutiny. 

Straws are too small and lightweight to be sorted by recycling machines, meaning that they drop through sorting screens and contaminate recycling loads. Most are disposed of as garbage and never make it to recycling plants. They also often end up in the oceans through human error, either as litter or blown from overfilled rubbish bins.

If we don’t act now, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by weight in 2050. Plastics in the ocean break down into small pieces, known as ‘microplastics’, which are ingested by marine life and birds, threatening the survival of species, and eventually making their way into human bodies.

Pip Organic have been trialling hundreds of paper straws over the last three years and settled on a suitable design at the beginning of last year. Since March 2020, all of Pip Organic’s juice and smoothie cartons have been produced with the new paper straw made from renewable sources, well ahead of the retail ban on plastic straws in July 2021. By introducing their Piptastic paper straws early, Pip Organic will have saved more than 10 million plastic straws.

Pip box juice with paper straws

New recycled and bio-based plastic bottles
As of 2020, Pip Organic’s cold pressed juices are being sold in bottles made up of 75% recycled plastic and 25% bio-based plastic. This new material brings together the three actions that will most effectively combat plastic waste: reduce, reuse and recycle. 

By reusing packaging materials, Pip Organic are reducing the amount of new plastic being brought into the environment. After use, each bottle can be recycled up to five times.

Pip bottled orange juice

Why not use glass bottles?
Pip Organic don’t use glass bottles for their cold pressed juices for one simple reason. To create these delicious drinks, Pip Organic use a cold pasteurisation method called High Pressure Processing (HPP), and if a glass bottle was used, it would shatter under the pressure. 

Switching from 100 percent virgin plastic (PET) to recycled and bio-based plastic means that Pip Organic are lowering their CO2 emissions. They’ve also released two brand new sparkling drinks that come in fully recyclable aluminium packaging.

Pip sparkling cans*Imagery kindly provided by Pip Organic

Published January 2021

Pip Organic have refreshed their commitment to sustainability with their recent packaging innovations and we are so pleased to support their sustainable efforts. You can find Pip Organic’s wonderful selection of juices and sparkling drinks here.

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