Making an impact

As a certified B Corp for over two years, you won’t find us resting on our laurels. In a year that's presented plenty of challenges, there have been plenty of ways to stay busy and your help has allowed us to do just that. Take a look below, to see how your support has helped make a positive impact on the world and the community around us.


Donating food and volunteering became one of the most effective ways to help out during the pandemic, supporting frontline workers, foodbanks and schools with fruit, veg and free meals. But your orders also helped fund charity donations to support rural LGBT+ communities, help those experiencing homelessness, and provide aid to refugees.

Charity Contributions

This year also saw new efforts to minimise our impact on the environment, including the launch (and re-launch) of Club Zero. Our innovative new service brings your pantry faves in refillable VIPs (Very Important Pots), dramatically cutting the need for single-use packaging. We also donated commission money to the fab folks at charities FareShare and Friends of the Earth when you switched to green energy plans with the Big Clean Switch.

Charity Contributions

All of this work was only possible because of you. It's been your continued support, through thick and thin, that has allowed us to help so many people. Every box (and VIP) you've had delivered to your door helped us turn things around for the better and that's not about to change. As a B Corp, we'll take every chance we can to help both the planet and the people on it and we have you to thank for that chance.

So, from all of us here at Veg HQ, thank you.

Published December 2020


To learn more about the ways we lessen our impact on the environment, head here.


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