It's B Corp month!

Wondering ‘what are B Corps’? Certified B Corps are a network of businesses that balance profit with people and the planet. By choosing to support B Corps, you can be sure you’re investing in a company that uses business as a force for good. We’ve been certified for one year now and work with some brilliant like-minded B Corp makers.


From A-B Corp

You’ve supported some brilliant social and environmental projects during our first year as a certified B Corp:

  • Our wonderful makers were happy to try out our new Responsible Supplier Programme
  • You loved our new Packaging Free Fruit & Veg Boxes
  • More of us at Veg HQ got busy volunteering
  • We quizzed the London Waste and Recycling Board on their packaging and material expertise
  • You wanted to know more about our milk packaging, so we’ve been looking into sustainable options
  • We set up a new Equality & Diversity Committee

Say hello to some of our wonderful B Corp certified makers

Organic pet food maker, Yarrah

For Yarrah, becoming B Corp certified in 2019 was like “coming home to a group of like-minded companies”. Being a B Corp means they take tougher routes when it comes to packaging, striving to make the most sustainable choice. They’re making impactful choices for people too. It took less than five minutes for them to decide to extend their company paternity leave cover. They proudly call it, “the best gift we could give a brand new father”.

Organic maker, Rebel Kitchen

In 2017, Rebel Kitchen became B Corp certified so that they “could stand up and be proudly measured against the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency”. Since certifying, Rebel Kitchen proudly became Net Carbon Neutral. They worked with (fellow B Corp) Carbon Analytics to measure their business-wide footprint in 2019 and decided to offset the entire lot.

Organic maker, Lily's Kitchen

For Lily’s Kitchen, becoming one of the UK’s Founding B Corps in 2015 was a natural part of their journey. “From the beginning, there has been a core belief at the heart of Lily’s Kitchen that businesses have a responsibility to mitigate any harmful environmental and social effects they may have, and to ensure they are positively impacting the world around them.” From their work with animal shelters to using green energy, Lily’s Kitchen are dedicated to making “a real impact”.

Organic maker, Klean Kanteen

As a certified B Corp since 2012, Klean Kanteen are driven by sustainability. “At Klean Kanteen ‘sustainability’ is a word we don’t use lightly. It means a lot more to us than adopting individual components like carbon offsets, recycled packaging or wind energy. Put simply, to us a sustainable business is one that gives more than it takes.” 

Organic maker, Pukka

Pukka scored 93 out of 200 in its first B Corp audit, one of the highest first scores ever achieved. They were the first UK company of their size to have a climate goal – to be carbon zero by 2030 – validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative. “When we each make small changes in our daily lives, our efforts add up. By buying from, working for and doing business with B Corps, you support what you believe in.”

Organic maker, Stroud Brewery

B Corp certified Stroud Brewery are on a mission “to make outstanding beer without damaging the planet, bring people together and inspire positive change.” Rather than seeing nature as a resource to be exploited for profit, Stroud Brewery look at regenerative practices and see farmers as “custodians of our land”. They champion a circular economy, recovering heat from fermenting beer to heat water and their brewery building. Even rainwater is captured and repurposed. 140,000 litres are used to flush Stroud Brewery’s toilets every year! And spent grains go back to local farmers to feed their cows, or into flapjacks sold in their tap room – yum!

Organic maker, Wessanen

B Corp Wessanen are here to help people make sustainable food choices that are better for their health and the health of the planet. “Becoming a B Corp means joining a vital and powerful movement that looks to positively impact the world around us and inspire others.” For them, “it is about putting nature first and working in the most sustainable way possible; operating with purpose and looking to benefit others by building a more sustainable economy.” Wessanen UK are carbon neutral and always looking to reduce the environmental impact of packaging – like moving Clipper tea bags to biodegradable PLA. In fact, the Clipper Factory reduced their total waste by a whopping 72% in 2019! The remaining waste is mainly recycled or converted to energy. 

Your support helps B Corp companies to have a bigger social and environmental impact. It really does the world of good.


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