It's our birthday!

It’s time for a big birthday at Abel & Cole. We’ve hit the big 3-0. When you’ve been this many times around the sun you realise you couldn’t have done it alone. Indeed, as you get older birthdays are less about presents and more about reflecting on the all the roads behind us and the journey ahead.


We’re celebrating the people and pollinators who’ve made it all possible (that’s you!). What started as a few humble potatoes and old post office vans in Brixton has become a sunny fleet of yellow vans up and down the UK. And those spuds have some company, too. Everything from Herefordshire kale to Suffolk sweetcorn, with a mountain of cheese, fizzy ferments (to name just a few) popped in for good measure. It’s thanks to our amazing growers, makers and bakers, and our fantastic customers. We’re unearthing the smile-raising stories from the last three decades (trust us, there are many) and giving thanks to you loyal veg boxers, too, through some fun competitions and some special foodie freebies.

 Out and about

Our brand new 30th Birthday Food Shed is making its debut at GO! Organic Festival, where we’ll dish up loaded fries (inspired by the humble spud that started it all) with pollinator powered toppings like herbs, honey, spices. Then the shed hits the road, stopping off at Brighton, Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. At each stop off the shed will bring a patch of nature to urban areas. All the money raised from our loaded fries will go donate to Friends of the Earth (an environmental campaigning community dedicated to the wellbeing and protection of the natural world).

What’s next?

And while we raise a glass to our past, we look to the future too. We want to educate everyone about how to protect our precious pollinators, and perhaps more importantly, how we wouldn’t have a lot of food without them. You can help pollinators in your own garden. No garden? No problem, all you need is a windowsill and we’ll help you to help them. We’re even cooking up something special in the kitchen that will help to raise funds for Friends of the Earth as a part of our work to help protect the future of pollinators and organic farming.

 We know how to have a proper knees up, so come join in the buzz. And if you can’t come see us in person, flutter like the social butterfly you are on Facebook, snap your recipe shots and share on Facebook and Instagram using our birthday hashtag #OrganicSince88 or Tweet all day long; we’d love to hear from you.

So raise a glass (traditional fizz or Kombucha, apple juice or lemonade) to the next 30! 

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