Have yourself a greener little Christmas

At Veg HQ we've our very own Green Team who sit down together over a cuppa to think about ways we can be kinder to our little planet, even from our plot in Wimbledon. Our very own Harriet has made a brilliant checklist of how to decorate this Christmas while not adding to the plastic pile and saving a bob or too on the bills. Winner all round. We thought it was definitely worth sharing.  

Light up, light up (for less)
Switch your fairy lights to LEDs. Nowadays LEDs don’t just come in that cold blue/white colour. There's warmer tones too and here's the kicker. They use 5% of the energy of bulbs. So while they might be a bit more expensive to buy at first, they’re well worth it. They’ll last longer and cost you a lot less in lecky. Everyone’s doing it - even the Champs Elysees.

Go tinsel free
Tinsel: I know that if you really love it giving it up might seem unthinkable. Even if you reuse it at some point it will contribute to plastic pollution because it can’t be recycled. Instead, try some other decorative suggestions that don’t require petrochemicals.

Ivy league
Ivy grows everywhere. Head out for a walk on a nice crisp winter's day and you’re bound to find some. It wraps round a set of LED Christmas lights beautifully, it’s biodegradable and let’s be honest you can't beat a bit of the real green thing. 

Chain reaction
Paper chains: The interlinking loops are really easy to do with little ones and look great hung across the walls or on a tree. Chains of little angels look sweet too and you'll find loads of patterns online.
All that glitters
Get your hands on some biodegradable glitter. Yes, it is a thing. Apparently there’s a pretty big cross over of people who like the planet and people who enjoy glitter. If you buy fine glitter you don’t have to use glue, you can dust almost anything with it and it’ll stick. Pick up a few pine cones when you’re in the park, douse them with glitter and bob’s your uncle. You’ve a great glittery Christmas centrepiece or a bunch of beautiful, natural baubles to add to your tree.

Fragrant fruits
Grab a few apples or citrus fruits. Slice thinly and lay on a grease proof lined baking sheet. Bake overnight at 50 degrees. Hang with some of your box string.  
Paper snowflakes
Find our little how to blog to make these lovely looking decorations from bits of old wrapping paper. 


Edible decorations
These are real crowd pleasers. You can even make stained glass window ornaments by crushing boiled sweets into the middle before baking. Sleigh ride over this way to learn how to make your own popcorn and meringue wreaths 

Keen & green 
Go for a walk and see what you find. There’s all sorts out there that could make beautiful decorations. Three rules: don’t nick stuff from gardens, don’t strip plants of all their berries (the birds need them), don’t take too much from any one plant. My mum always put holly sprigs on top of picture frames, simple but effective.

Get cracking
Christmas crackers can mean a whole lot of unnecessary waste, what with all the paper crowns and mini plastic combs. We've got a rather delicious alternative that comes with a 0% waste guarantee. Sam's Gingerbread Christmas Crackers are sure to be snapped up.


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