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If you're reading this in the future then you'll already know. (Have we mastered space travel yet?). You'll also know we sent you a little bubbly surprise with our new summer mini book. You lucky duck. You'll also, also know it came wrapped in a little cardboard jacket. Glass is lovely for catching the light, clinking and drinking from and it also happens to be a bit of a wimp. Never being ones to see anything go to waste, we present a few ideas of what to do with this new addition to your home (besides recycling it, of course). 

What to do with your new box friend

1. It'll make for a handy biodegradable plant pot.
2. Fancy sprucing up your desk? Transform it into a minimal looking desk tidy. (Plenty of room for all your pens, staples and other gubbins). 
3. You're just a few well placed holes and grooves away from eco chic phone/gadget charging and cable tidy box.
4. Feeling extra craft? It could make a cute robot.
5. Go to town Marie Kondo style and use it to store little spice packs (any left overs from Recipe Boxes come to mind).
6. Find yourself outside with a back door swinging closed? Fill it with stones and use it as an impromptu door stop.
7. With a bit of tissue paper inside it becomes a lovely gift box for a variety of things.
8. Keep your jewellery from rolling around the floor in your room (especially if you have four legged family members) with it re-purposed as a jewellery box.
9. Make a little rectangle slit and use it to prop up recipe cards while you're cooking. I could probably use it to stand recipe cards up in when I’m cooking.

Had an ingenious idea for your bubbly box?
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