You really are wonders

Hello there, One Pot Wonder lovers.
We just wanted to say thank you for supporting the
fantastic May Project Gardens through October.

Since April 2016, May Project Gardens have been working at Marcus Lipton youth centre in Loughborough Junction. Through music and education, the course has introduced young people to vegan food and they grow, cook and sell food to their local community, raising money for their youth centre. No strangers to a ladle or two, they created the delicious recipes for our One Pot Wonder Box in October and then our recipe whizz, Sam, made them a reality to bring right to your kitchen.

And with your help we managed to raise £649.50 which went towards eight Hip Hop Garden youth work sessions at Marcus Lipton Youth Centre, Brixton. We think that calls for a very much deserved pat on the back. So thanks very much once again. Watch the guys at May Project Gardens do their thing below...
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