What's cold-pressed juice all about?


If you haven't heard the word, cold-pressed juice is becoming a bigger and bigger thing for those who like to cram their 5-a-day on the go. Here's how it's different to a regular old glass of OJ

So what is cold pressing? Well, essentially cold pressing is when the fruit & veg is mulched and squeezed through big plates with bags to collect the juice. This means you get more juice from the thing your juicing and it doesn't make heat.It's even said to be better at extracting all of the good enzymes from the fruit & veg's fibre.  

What about juicing at home? Well, you're off to a great start, however home juicers (or my can apply centrifugal force which generates heat that's said to be less kind to those precious enzymes and nutrients. It also gives quite a foamy juice.  This means that pure fruit juice made this way is high in natural sugars with less fibre (a mix of fruit & veg is the best idea for juicers like this). 

And if you've heard the term "High Pressure Processing" (or HPP) bandied about lately, it'll be because it's the latest way of treating juice to extend its shelf life. Bars of pressure in a chamber are applied "Like taking something to the bottom of the ocean," our buying boffin Joss tells us. "It's known to help retain nutrients yet remove any harmful bacteria without the use of heat. It leaves a more attractive, brighter coloured juice and amazing flavour." 

Ooh, you don't say

Looking for cold-pressed juice to take with you as you're out and about yet don't have the room for giant pressure plates? Well, we've got some right here from Pip Organics

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