Truly tremendous turkeys

Paul Kelly's organic turkeys are the real stars of the show at Christmas. His birds are reared to full maturity (it’s what makes them taste so amazing). It's no wonder they're the talk of the town.


Our organic, free range KellyBronze® turkeys have been described as “the Rolls Royce” of turkeys, and they surely are. KellyBronze® began in the 1970s - a time of disco and flares - with white turkeys in Essex. Soon after the family decided to be bold and brave and do something a little different. So they found some of the few remaining bronze breeds that were out there and raised them free range (which was very much considered bonkers at the time).

Paul’s now famous free range KellyBronze® turkeys are slow grown and peck and roam about open pastures, stubble fields and untouched woodland. At night, they have a cosy open-sided barn to hide in, with deep straw and lots of fresh air.

“It’s not just the breed that we do, that’s part of it. The birds are fully mature at Christmas. The perfect turkey is the right breed, grown to maturity, dry plucked and hung just like a pheasant." - Paul.Kelly
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Why our turkeys are tremendous

1. All our turkeys are reared to full maturity, so the meat has a natural layer of fat. This means they’re self-basting. You won’t need to butterball or bacon strip them for succulence.
2. They’re fed GM-free food, without the drugs, additives or growth promoters their more intensively farmed cousins may be fed.
3. Our birds are hung for two weeks (this enhances their flavour).
The result is an amazing texture, superior fat cover and outstanding taste.
4. Our turkeys are plucked and prepared by hand.

And as they're so tremendous, the go fast, although you may still be able to just get one here

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