Reindeer games


Having a shindig? Got the extended family coming over?  
These party games will give you a reputation for being a host with the most

Snowman's Dinner

You'll need:

A die • A woolly hat • Scarf and gloves • A knife and fork • A big bar of chocolate

Sit around a table with everything in the middle. Take it in turns to go round the table, rolling the die. When a 6 is rolled, that player must quickly put on the hat, scarf and gloves and use the knife and fork to cut a square of chocolate.
The player continues to eat chocolate with the knife and fork until someone else rolls a 6. Then that player dons the hat, scarf and gloves and starts to eat the chocolate.
All players keep rolling, taking on and off knitwear and eating chocolate till all the chocolate is gone. The winner is whoever gets to eat the most chocolate. 

Mitt's a Knockout

You'll need

Sweets in wrappers and sprouts • Oven gloves or mittens

A good one if you need to get ahead with the Christmas dinner prep, this. Split into two groups and put the sweets and sprouts at the other end of the room.
The first player from each team runs to the sweet/sprouts and unwraps as many as possible (for the sprouts, just take off the outer leaves to ‘unwrap’). Meanwhile the other players count out loud to ten.
At 10, the count starts again and the next player runs to the sweet/sprout pile. The winning team is the one that peels or unwraps the most things

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