Plant Based Living; what’s the big idea?

The phrase ‘plant-based living' is everywhere; there are cookbooks, blogs and celebrity ambassadors praising the virtues of the plant-based life, but what does it really mean?


A guest blog by Booja Booja

What is plant based living?
Firstly, it’s not the same as being vegan. While many vegans follow a plant-based diet and the two can co-exist very happily, they are not the same thing. Vegans follow a strict lifestyle which excludes any items (including clothing) that comes from animals. Vegans don’t eat meat but they don’t eat honey, cheese or eggs either and they don’t wear wool or leather. However, there’s nothing to stop a vegan from eating highly processed food if they want to.

A plant-based diet is all about eating fresh produce and minimally processed foods, but there are no stipulations about what you wear or the items you use in your home. Plant-based living is about eating a whole food diet with a rich foundation in plants; fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and pulses. The focus of plant-based living is eating simple, natural, wholesome foods that are not highly processed. Beyond that there are no rules.  

If you’re a fan of fresh, seasonal fruit and veg, you’re already embracing a big part of plant-based living. But what about the little extras? The sweet treats that make your spirits lift and put a smile on your face? Well, there are plenty of treats you can enjoy without compromising your healthy eating goals. Booja-Booja makes chocolate truffles from just a handful of natural organic ingredients, following carefully honed recipes to create truly scrumptious treats.

Here are two simple ways to shortcut the ‘is this a good choice?’ dilemma.

  1. Keep it organic – organic regulations ban the use of hydrogenated fats and controversial artificial food colours and preservatives. They also prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides so you know that what you’re eating doesn’t contain any ‘nasties’.

  2. Keep it real - to enjoy wholesome, natural food you need wholesome, natural ingredients, so read the label. Do you really want to eat something made from stuff that you can’t spell and can’t picture in your mind? Look for short, simple ingredients lists that you don’t have to Google to understand.

Reducing your meat and dairy intake is a significant part of the plant-based approach but there are no rules. You don’t have to be completely vegetarian to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle. For many people it starts with Meat Free Mondays or one plant-based meal a day. Abel & Cole have plenty of plant-based options to choose from including, of course, Booja-Booja chocolate truffles. 

Plant-based living is not new, it’s been around for centuries (although not labelled as such), it’s inclusive and individual. For some the emphasis is on eating locally and in season, for others the priority is discovering and eating more of what the plant world has to offer without cutting out any food groups completely. Some people have strict rules for themselves, others use plant-based as a guiding principle to help them make healthier choices.

Much is said about the health benefits of plant-based living and many plant-based advocates will tell you how much better they feel and how much more energy they have now they’re living a plant-based lifestyle. That’s great to hear but it’s not our job to verify those sorts of claims.

It is our job to make delicious chocolate truffles. And as we believe in the plant-based principles of organic, natural food we make organic, natural chocolate truffles. We also like to be inclusive, so we hope you enjoy a little Booja-Booja whether you follow a plant-based diet, or not! 

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