One Small Change

Here at Veg HQ we’re revolutionising the New Year’s resolution. We all know there’s so much more we can do to reduce our impact on our environment, and unless we start soon we might be in trouble. Read on to see how a little change to your daily routine can make a big difference. 


Simply does it
Most of us are quite good at switching off lights and recycling what we can, but sometimes trying to do everything all the time can feel like a drag, and the times you forget quickly add up. Making big changes can be effective, and sometimes necessary, but let’s be realistic about New Year’s resolutions. The ones that survive past Easter have one thing in common- they’re simple and manageable.  

One small change
One Small Change is our little project to encourage everyone to do their bit. Instead of trying to do a lot some of the time, One Small Change encourages you to do one thing all of the time. And if everyone does this, very quickly those small actions add up to make a big difference. We’re all signing up to make our small changes, and we’d like to invite you to make your pledges here too.

Make a pledge
Think of one small action you know will help the planet, take a pledge to stick to it, and, eh, stick to it. The simpler the pledge, the more it gets done, and the bigger the difference you’ll make. For example you can pledge to always wash at 30, or to only ever boil the amount of water you need, or to start composting your kitchen waste. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing all kinds of ideas for a small change you can make, and we’ll keep you up to date with how we do at the same time.

A few ideas...
There’s no pressure to start immediately- a little preparation goes a long way after all- but if you’re looking for ideas here’s a few pledges taken by the vegheads here at Abel & Cole…

Always carry a bag and not use plastic ones when shopping
Start a healthy compost heap
Always boil the amount of water I need
Always switch my monitor off if I’m away from my desk, even if only for a minute
Always switch room lights off
Always use rechargeable instead of disposable batteries
Always use a lid on pots and pans
Always unplug my phone charger when not in use

So this year take a pledge to make a small difference for everyone.

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