Oh those summer carrots

Tell me more you say? Alright then. Grown by James Foskett at his farm in Suffolk, they’ve had lots of sunshine and are harvested young, which makes them really sweet. 


Excuse me, 
my carrots 
are sandy

Well, yes and for good reason may we say!
Your bunched organic carrots may be a little sandy
as they were too delicate to wash straight away
(and the sandy soil helps them stay fresh). So when
you’ve unpacked them, give them a rinse
before you bite – they don’t need peeling
as the skin is so thin. We think their taste
is best in class.

Carrots in

Weird as it sounds, carrots do have sunhats.
And it might make them taste better. Big leafy
carrot tops shade the root and soil. It means
you don’t need to water them too much, which
can dilute the flavour. Organic carrots are in
boxes now, minus their sunhats.

The best of a
great bunch

It’s happy days at Veg HQ when our organic
carrots come in bunches. We’re big on making
the most of our veg, so while they’ll keep
longer if you chop the tops off before popping
them in the fridge, the greens make a lovely
fresh garnish for salads and omelettes as well
as a particularly pretty pesto. Just chop them
all up with olive oil, white wine vinegar and
your choice of herbs.

Summer carrots 3
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