Northdown Orchard

Don’t let the name fool you. Mike Fisher grows more than fruit on his little patch of Hampshire country. We paid him a visit one sunny afternoon to find out what’s up on Northdown Orchard.

For many of us, Mike Fisher really is living the dream. Northdown Orchard may only measure 12 acres, but when he took the plunge into farming 25 years ago, he knew this was where he’d put down his roots (and tomatoes). From a bare field he’s transformed his little patch of land into an organic heaven on Earth, abuzz with wildlife and bursting with fresh fruit, veg and herbs of all kinds. “Everything you see here, I put in myself.” He tells us with pride.

There’s a real sense of community here. Aside from his own little farmhouse (which he built by hand) Mike shares Northdown Orchard with his farmhand Ricky and family, who live in the yurt next door. There’s even a giant tepee for the gaggles of international volunteers and horticultural students who pass through in the busy seasons.

When he’s not tending to the organic onions, tomatoes and cucumbers he grows for your boxes, he loves cooking from scratch and bakes a fresh loaf every day. “My favourite veg is the one that’s ready for the first time of the year that week. It’s the ones that’re just in season that I like to celebrate.”

  The brightest bulb in the box...

Mike’s green garlic is popping up in our shop. It’s younger, undried and hasn’t quite grown the papery skin or distinct cloves yet. That means when you cut into it you’ll find it fresher, sweeter and a good bit whiffier than the average bulb.

...and a bright idea or two  

We love it grated raw into a salad or roasted up whole and enjoyed in a Med veg medley. Or if you’re feeling fancy, try the incredible Green Garlic and Bresaola Pizza you’ll find over in our recipe patch.

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