Our big back pack collection (with Mary's Meals)

We love a good bit of recycling. And we’ve teamed up with Mary’s Meals Backpack Project for some of the smartest kind around. We need a bit of your help collecting backpacks filled with school things for kids in Malawi so they can make the most of their education.


Back pack it up, pack it in

From August 21st our drivers won’t just be dropping things off, they’ll be collecting things too. Backpacks, that is. If there’s any bits and bobs for school that you’re not using anymore, find a backpack you can pop it all into and leave it out on your delivery day (empty backpacks are more than welcome too!).

Don’t forget to cut out and attach the tag. Your driver will grab it and we’ll then pass everything on to the wonderful people at Mary’s Meals. Think notepads, pens, pencils and erasers, and polo shirts, skirts and shirts (for 4-12 year olds). They’ll whisk it all off to Malawi and not only put a smile on many a child’s face, but ensure the children have a brighter future ahead of them. Priceless.

For a full list of things to pack in your backpack (and what to leave out) hop to
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