Martin Dorey and No.More.Plastic.

Reducing plastic has always been an issue close to our hearts. From using cardboard boxes rather than plastic bags, we’ve saved planet Earth (finger in the air estimate) about 60 million in the last 13 years alone. So it should come as no surprise that Martin Dorey is a bit of a hero in our eyes. He’s a writer, surfer, campervanner, and the founder of the #2minutebeachclean, an ingenious movement that’s transforming the British seaside. We managed to pull up a deck chair so he can tell us all about it as well as his new book No. More. Plastic.


What inspired you to write No. More. Plastic.?
I wanted to share the story of the #2minutebeachclean campaign and show people that doing a few small actions can make a big difference. Since we started the hashtag, we’ve had almost half a million mentions on Twitter. If that equates to one person giving up plastic or picking up a few kilos of litter, then we prove that you can make a difference. I wanted to share that news to inspire people to feel that they DO matter and that they shouldn’t feel helpless in the face of current environmental problems.
On top of that, I wanted to produce something wholly positive that inspires people to action. Everybody has the power to change the world.

Have you seen any positive change
in the attitude towards plastic?

Yes! Lots of people are talking about it. Lots of people are changing their habits. I think it’s all wonderful. We’re opening our eyes.

What do you think is the first step
to leading a more plastic-free life?

You need to look first. Then you’ll be able to see. We’ve become so used to plastic that we need to reassess our relationship with it. We need to become plastic conscious and start making choices to live without it.

Could we see the end of
single-use plastic in our time?

Plastic is an amazing material so I don’t think we’ll eliminate it entirely, because of its usefulness in healthcare. However I’d like to see it eliminated where it’s unnecessary, particularly when it comes to food. We need local, fresh, seasonal food. That way we’ll waste less and need less packaging... Of course, you already know that! Short answer: I hope so.

Shameless plug – do you think a veg box is a good way to avoid unnecessary plastic wrapped veg?
Yes, of course. We need to find another way around the issue of food and food waste, and that means going back to the earth with local, fresh and seasonal. We’re so used to getting anything at any time and it’s killing us. We need to grow up and appreciate the good things when they come ’round. Winter greens in Winter and samphire in Summer….wonderful!

If everyone could make one change,
just one, what do you think it should be?

Quit the plastic bottles, whether that’s shampoo, washing powder, water,
cola, whatever. 15% of all litter logged is either a bottle or bottle top. Insanity. And bottled water for crying out loud! When will we learn? It’s 500 times more expensive to buy water in a bottle than get it out of a tap. And we need to help the developing nations to address the issue to, with
clean water for everyone, not just the ‘civilised’ world.

  No. More. Plastic. by Martin Dorey is out now. It’s packed with doable swaps and easy solutions to cut down on your plastic use. The changes don’t have to be huge, but when we all get involved, it makes a huge difference.  

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