Malawi Charity Cards

It's the time of year where you're starting to see who's on your "nice" list and send a Christmas card their way. Why not support a fantastic charity while you're at it and pick up a pack or two of our fantastic Malawi Charity Cards. Read on to find out a bit more about this brilliant project. 


What's all this, then?
All proceeds from the Christmas cards goes towards the Mwana Alirenji project, which is a farming and cooperative project in the district of Ntcheu in Malawi’s central region. Mwana Alirenji means “where there is no lack” in Chichewa. In this area most farmers and families are one failed harvest away from starvation. Too poor to utilise synthetic fertilisers- which stop working after a while anyway- in combination with climate change challenges mean that Malawi’s poor are on the brink of being even poorer.

Getting to the root
Farmers in five different communities in the district have joined the project and are forming cooperatives as well as partaking in valuable training in how to farm with low external input, in permaculture and agroforestry principles, as well as the cross cutting issues of gender equality, nutrition and HIV/AIDS. They are also provided with materials for a more self sufficient future: rabbits and chickens for manure, seed to diversify their crops and tree saplings to draw water to dry areas. It is a five year project designed to help farmers towards a more sustainable future. When you farm in harmony with nature and with those around you, you have taken a step towards living “where there is no lack”. 

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