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Seafood needs to be sustainable. That’s why we’re working with the Marine Conservation Society to ensure there’s always plenty more fish in the sea. 


It’s hard to imagine a world without fish and chips. Sadly, the figures don’t lie, and all signs point to the need for drastic action if we want future generations to be able to enjoy the sea’s bounty. 

That’s where the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) come in. They’ve been the UK’s leading marine charity for over thirty years now, and they’re very clear about the scale of the problem.

“Our seas face a wide range of threats. Climate change, pollution, habitat and biodiversity loss are all impacting our seas; plus 90% of global fish stocks are either fully or over-exploited. Destructive fishing practices are damaging sensitive habitats and accidentally catching other marine wildlife such as seabirds and turtles.”

It all makes for some uneasy reading, but it’s this that spurred us on to  become proud partners of the MCS last year. Our aim is make it easier than ever for you to make the sustainable choice.

The MCS rank all seafood on a scale of 1-5, with one being the most sustainable option at any given time (seasons and stocks change regularly, so it’s worth checking for the latest info).
To make fishing around for the ethical choice simple, you can look to our shop. The MCS helped to write our policy, which means we aim only to source fish between 1-3 on the scale. Any rare exceptions are not made lightly, and under strictly controlled circumstances. You’ll even find a new “Catch of the Month” which puts the spotlight on the most sustainable option throughout the year.

“90% of global fish stocks are either fully or over-exploited”

It’s up to us to make sure future generations are able to enjoy the sea’s bounty as we do today. That’s why we’re proud to offer you the ethical option made easy, every single week. 

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