A new partnership in full bloom

"For us, turnover is as important as profit because the more flowers we sell, the more supported jobs we create at our Organic Flower Farm." That’s our new friend Jo Wright; chief horticulturalist at Organic Blooms.

Brighten up your home for British Flowers Week with her brilliant bunches and plug plant kits, sprouting up in our shop soon.


  Come out smelling of roses  

There’s more than just organic flowers blooming on Latteridge Hill. The scents and sight of life bursting forth are captivating, but that’s not the half of the work that Jo Wright is putting in on this scenic patch of Gloucestershire countryside. 

Organic Blooms is a social enterprise first and foremost. Having worked as a therapeutic horticulturalist, Jo has always known that putting your hands to the Earth, planting a seed and watching it grow can be a healing process. The people working at the heart of this enterprise are often refereed by therapists or social services, and have varying support needs. 

What unites them is the opportunity they’re offered here to be immersed in the world of work, and to see the fruits of their labour grow and blossom in front of their eyes. “It’s not tokenistic work though” she’s keen to point out, “It’s work they can do; from sowing and planting, to watering and finally cutting. Real experience.”

  Sustainable, responsible, organic  

Together they tend five organic acres, with a further six in conversion to be officially certified next May. On this land flowers of every colour of the rainbow are nurtured. Rather than air freighting from Holland (where the majority of flowers in this country come from), Jo is committed to growing organic and seasonal British flowers suited to our climate.

“When you plant what grows here naturally, you don’t actually need all the chemical inputs, heats and sprays. Where a lot of imported plants are sterile, seedless and bred to have closed flowers, we sow native species which help promote bees and other insects with inviting, pollen-filled flowers.”

The impact of this commitment is clear. The air is abuzz with sound, and the brilliant blue sky is constantly crossed by well-fed birds. While we chat in the field, our feet are even pecked at by the lucky hens who call this place home.

Speaking of lucky; we’re absolutely delighted to be working with Jo and the team to bring a little piece of this idyllic scene to your doorstep. Starting from the 21st of June, you’ll find beautiful boxfuls of plug plant kits in our shop.

Handily, they’ll arrive in 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging (yes even the cellulose-based plastic). Not only will you be doing your bit to support an amazing social enterprise, it won’t cost the Earth either. That’s our kind of flower power.


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