A frosty field report

It’s time to don our woolliest jumpers and bring you an update from the windswept and wintry fields of our hard working farmers.


We’re all about keeping things interesting and making sure there’s a good variety in your weekly boxes. With that in mind, it’s around this time of year we turn more often to our organic growers on the continent; particularly in Italy and Spain (though we’d never air-freight, of course).

If you’ve been keeping up with the news of late, you’ll have noticed that the weather across Europe has been a touch
chilly and unpredictable to say the least. We’re not the weatherman, but when our farmers are reporting weekly temperature variances of up to 20 degrees we know conditions are bumpy out there.

While they’d usually be expecting to reap bountiful harvests right now, many of our growers are instead grappling with howling winds, snow covered crops, frozen soil and flooded fields. Unsurprisingly this has an impact on the variety and quantities of organic goodies they’re able to send our way.

We think waste is rubbish, so even if it’s not about to win any beauty contests, we’ve always found a home for ugly (or nonconformist if you’d rather) veg. Though your boxes will always come packed with tip-top organic stuff, your patience means the world to us during this tricky time for our farmers. You may find there are a few last minute changes to your box or that your portions are made up of more higgledy-piggledy sized veg.

It’s all part of working with nature to eat healthy, down to earth good food with the changing seasons...Whatever the weather.

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