A field report from the farms

Been a bit chilly recently, eh? We’re not the only ones who’ve felt the cold snap. In the fields, our farmers are doing everything they can to work with the freezing and unpredictable conditions.


It’s our growers in the West Country that have been hit especially hard, although the extreme cold weather has meant that no one has escaped. Weather like this plays all sorts of tricks on crops. It can damage outer leaves (which do a fabulous job of protecting the plant) but the good news is that rather than going to waste, the leaves can be removed, leaving veg inside that’s still in fine fettle. Elsewhere, it leaves some crops feeling a bit shy, such as leeks waiting for warmer weather before they emerge or Spring greens needing a sunny spell before we have to change their name to Summer greens by the time they’re ready.

Usually, 'round about now, our farmers would be preparing to harvest a bounty in the coming weeks and months. Instead, they’re grappling with howling winds, snow-covered crops, frozen soil and flooded fields. Unsurprisingly all this has an impact on the variety and quantities of fresh organic brilliance they’re able to send our way.

We’ll always do our best to see that your boxes are packed with seasonal, tip-top veg, although right now you may find there are a few last-minute changes to your box or you have some things a bit more often than usual.

We wanted to thank you for supporting our growers through this tricky time. Your support really does mean everything to them and us. It’s all part of the beauty of working with nature. No matter what, we’ll still bring healthy, down-to-earth good food with the changing seasons...whatever the weather.

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