What’s that snazzy box on my doorstep?

The Abel & Cole boxes have had a revamp and we want to tell you all about it. Our boxes are extremely important to us – they represent many of our values and ensure all of our wonderful, organic goodies reach our customers safe and sound. Every time our drivers deliver to you, they’ll collect the boxes and packaging from the previous order so that we can reuse them. We do this up to seven times and will then recycle them. Over the last 30 years, Abel & Colers have saved around 60 million plastic bags by using our trusty cardboard boxes.


Words by Ella-May

We decided to give the boxes a lick of paint and they really do look fantastic.

We are over the moon with the outcome and hope you all will be too, Share the love and send us your snaps of our new boxes on your doorsteps using @abelandcole and #MyAbelandCole. The process started after some market research and then Pip and Michelle, creative here at Veg HQ narrowed down to a few design directions. Michelle tells us, “Pip and I then set out concepting ideas, one of which included the ‘colour band’ design.” They looked at using “either typography or veg illustrations or seasonal things”. Once the pattern was approved, Michelle began hand drawing and creating all the elements – “which took forever!” We now have pictures of what we offer, alongside some kitchen essentials, covering the boxes delivering the food to you.

Journey of the Abel & Cole Box

You may start to see our boxes have had a bit of a makeover,
But you’ll also find there’s plenty of old ones left over.
We have cardboard that’s really been around the block,
Tucked in Peter’s porch, behind a door with a lock,
Left on Wendy’s front step, awaiting her return home
And hidden behind Karen’s garden gnome.

These boxes know the team who pack them,
The drivers who take them under their thumb
And the customers who receive them with a smile.
They travel hundreds, even thousands of miles
On each journey, filled up to the top
With a different, delicious, organic shop.

Now there are some newbies in town
To replace that traditional brown.
They’ve got a fancy updated design
And they’re looking simply divine.
We took hand to paper to create this image
Shaping, shading, sketching until we reached the finish.

We’ve added a splash of colour to the boxes we deliver,
So the outside reflects the groceries you’ll discover.
As the weather gets cooler, you’ll start to see
Clementine colours, shades of broccoli
Along with rich aubergine and blueberry.
When we start to see the sun shine,
There’ll be hues of strawberry and lime,
A sprinkle of sea salt and plum designs.

So take notice of what’s on the outside,
See the images of your fruit and veg collide,
On the box of the next delivery you get,
Next to pictures of a spatula and baguette,
A bottle of oil and a leg of lamb,
A fried egg and sweet jar of jam.

The old boxes that remain should fill you with pride
As all your organic needs they’ve helped to provide.
Then when they are at journey’s end
Falling apart with no hope to mend,
We’ll pick up a new box designed with our ethos in mind.
This box with all your kitchen dreams on there to find,
Will also experience the dark corner next to Lucy’s plant pot,
Or the inside of a cool box when it’s getting pretty hot.
Until Marek comes the following week to take it away
In his Abel & Cole yellow van so it can live to see another day!


Box in the wild
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