We came, we popped (we ate a lot of veg)

Over a whirlwind three and a half weeks we took up shop
on Brick Lane in September and what a rollicking good time it was. 


That's all, folks! 

1873 dishes and a lot of happy, smiling visitors later, it was time to pack up shop and head back to HQ. Our head chef, Leon created some amazing seasonal dishes, each with veg at the heart of them all (naturally). This was one of the first times us Abel & Colers had a place to play with food in the big wide world and it was certainly an exciting experience.

We supported Weavers Adventure Playground,an under-resourced play space and community centre tucked away in nearby Bethnal Green (you can read a bit more about this over on The Good Stuff, and we'll post an update as soon as we can). 

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