Make your own Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are a brilliant festive way to bring the outside inside. For a foodie twist, this one’s made out of herbs.

You’ll need
Some willow • Fresh or dried herbs • Bay leaves (you can forage away for these) • Dried fruit (orange slices work well), chillis, Brussels sprouts,  star anise, cinnamon sticks and other foodie bits to decorate

Step 1
Take a willow strand and bend it into a circle, tucking the end in.

Wrap and weave another strand around the first one.

Keep going till you have a fairly sturdy ring.

Step 2
Tie some bunches of herbs and foliage into bundles with your box string.
Tie the bundles to your willow ring.

Step 3
Tie your decorations on with box string or thread. A mix of colours, shapes
and sizes works best.

Et voila! 

You’re a crafting, wreath-making Christmas wonder.
And your front door (or kitchen) will smell absolutely incredible.


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