Lockdown activities with Team Veg

As the world around us changes, us here at Veg HQ have been taking some time to get back to the activities that bring us joy. From painting to planting, say hello to some of Team Veg and find out what we've been getting up to.


"Lockdown has allowed me to find a comfort in sketching once again" - Remi, Customer Experience Managered


"I’ve gotten really into house plants these past few months. Here’s a terrarium I upcycled from an old lantern and some succulents in need of a bigger pot. Just need to add some moss and pretty pebbles and it’s an instant indoor garden" - Jess, Enable & Cole Charity and Good Food Fund Ambassador


"In lockdown I’ve re-discovered the love of two hobbies, baking and walking. It’s been lovely to have extra time to explore new places and enjoy some of my baking mid-walk." - Rachael, CRM Assistant


"We eat a lot of fruit and veg in our house and it’s a real shame to see good seeds from it all get thrown away - growing them reduces the waste, saves money and fills the house with free plants!" - Ed, Press Officer


"'I've loved making lots of colourful foodie creations for my food Instagram account, this has kept me busy finding things to make on a daily basis!'" - Emily, Wholesale Specialist


“We have been up to lots of outdoor things during lock down but we spend a lot of time as a family tending to our allotment and chickens!” - Fern, Dry Goods & Recipe Box Supply Chain Manager


"With watercolour, I don’t really have to think, I can just let the colours guide me until there’s something in front of me. Most of the things I paint I don’t show anyone, not because I’m shy but because it’s more about the process than the finished product. Painting is a great way for me to be mindful and meditative (and creative) in a chiller way than hiking up a mountain for a sunrise yoga session. It’s just a moment where I can just be, without external interference." - Alice, Office & Wholesale Specialist


Interested in joining in the fun? Take a look at our Careers page for the latest info on openings at Veg HQ.

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