How to have an eco-friendly holiday

For many, hopping on a plane is step one of time away from home. But those holidays can come with a big price for the planet. As a part of our mission to go green in 2019, we spoke to our friends at Forest Holidays about environmentally-friendly travel. We asked them what greener choices could we make to have a big impact?


Consider a staycation 
From eco-pods to forest cabins, there’s a whole host of unique places to stay right here in the UK. You’ll be keeping your travel miles down and helping to support the local economy while you’re at it.

Looking further afield?
Try taking the train over a plane – a far more eco-friendly way to travel. European cities such as Cologne can be reached via London easily.

Take a greener route
Want to see the sights? Grab a map of the local area and plot out a walking route. See how much you can cross off just on foot – who knows what local gems you might stumble across along the way. If you did need to cover more distance, try exploring your destination by bike. 

Give back during your break
Be kind to the planet and plan a green activity into your trip. With a little research, you could take part in fun activities such as beach cleans, butterfly counts or field harvests (we like to think a little mud is good for the soul!)

We’re proud to partner with Forest Holidays as they share our passion for sustainability – their core purpose is based on a responsibility to enhance Britain’s woodlands for the long term. It’s perhaps easy to think that nature should just be ‘left alone’ but Britain’s forest environments rely on investment and active management. By choosing to have a woodland stay, you can help to support the Forestry Commission in delivering environmental benefits while also supporting the local economy.

When the nights are short and there’s a chill in the air, we quite fancy cosying up in our very own cabin forest. The cabins are built with the planet in mind. Each and every step is thought about from the use of wood pellet boilers and air source heat pumps to the piling systems designed not to destroy tree roots and enable them to grow under the cabins. There are no tarmacked roads on location and key cards ensure they save electricity as much as they can. Hop on over to the Forest Holidays website to find out more.

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