Rosemary Russet Apples, Organic (700g)

Rosemary Russet Apples, Organic (700g)

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Organic Vegan
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These Rosemary Russets have an orange-reddish brown flush over greenish-yellow skin. They're firm, acid and juicy with an excellent sharp but sweet flavour, making them a perfect addition to the grown-up's lunch box. These also make the best toffee apples going

Country of Origin – UK
Class - Minimum Class 2
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These Russet apples are from Rachel and Martin Soble’s gorgeous Whitethorn Farm in the Herefordshire hills. Martin and Rachel like to do things the old-fashioned way, even if they take more time or offer lower yields. “Flavour and quality are what’s important,” Martin says. That’s why they select traditional varieties and lets the sun and soil do the rest of the work.

Ingredients & allergens

Abel & Cole handles celery, celeriac and nuts on site. Due to our packing process and re-use of boxes there is a risk of cross-contamination from these, and all other allergens.

Storage & prep

As a snack, the only preparation needed is a quick rinse under the tap. But, without the use of pesticides and other chemicals on our apples, there will be no harm if you dig straight into your fruit box delivered to your door! Apples can last longer than most other fruit but are better when fresh. We recommend you keep them in your fridge to help keep them crisp and crunchy. Don’t forget to wash your fruit and veg before use.

Why we're organic
We've been organic for over 30 years now, supporting bio diversity, avoiding chemical nonsense and championing food that's grown and tastes like it should.

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