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Buyer's Choice Box, Organic

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Discerning food lovers amongst you will find the very best of our organic food all in one place. Expertly curated by our organic aficionados, the Buyer's Choice Box is a showcase of the delights we are most proud to offer. With a new theme monthly, these are the things we most adore right now, and the things we know you'll love too.

This month your Buyer's Choice Box will contain a veritable feast to celebrate the beginning of the new organic veg season.
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Monday 29th May
Almond & Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffles, Booja Booja
These chilled Booja-Booja truffles have won awards for their chewy, gooey caramel and crunch of almonds. Organic and free of dairy, gluten and soya, as well as being incredibly irresistible, they almost feel too good to be true.
Berkeley Farm Unsalted Butter 250g
Our wonderfully fresh, rich butter is made with cream from the organic milk of Guernsey and Friesian cows. A brilliant yellow in colour and natural tasting, it goes nicely with jam on toast as well as a cooking essential.
English Asparagus
Gorgeous, creamy flavoured, much beloved asparagus. It's good for us and so easy to cook. Don’t be intimidated if you've never cooked it before - this veg needs minimal preparation and quickly serves up a treat of a side dish. Simply slice off the woody ends and discard; then cut the stalks into 2.5cm lengths. Keeping the tips to the side for a bit, drop the other pieces into a pan of boiling salted water and cook 5 minutes. Add the tips and cook 3-5 minutes or until they're tender. Now drizzle with butter or oil and add some pepper and Parmesan on top. Perfection!

Country of Origin - UK
Class - Minimum Class 2
Green Mini Romaine Lettuce
This twin pack of mini organic romaines have heads of sturdy leaves with firm ribs down their centres and make for great sandwiches or side salads. They're delicious, crispy and sweeter tasting their bigger brothers and sisters. Romaines are also called cos, not just becos, but 'cause they originate from the Greek island, Cos.
Jersey Royal Potatoes
Jersey Royal potatoes are a very special crop: not only will they simply not grow anywhere other than the island of Jersey, but the EU has also honoured them with “Appellation Contrôlée” status. This means that even if a green-fingered mastermind could trick them into growing somewhere else they still couldn’t be called Jersey Royals. Like Champagne (but less fizzy) the Jersey Royal has a flavour that is distinguishable from all others because of the particular soil and climate where it’s grown.
The steep south-facing slopes on Jersey (known as côtils among the Jèrriais) are a big part of the unique growing experience, and the slopes of Philip le Maistre's farm were home to our earliest Royals this year. The soil conditions were good at planting time, and so far they’ve been good during the harvests too. This means that the potatoes have been developing perfectly into their characteristic kidney shape and their unique taste has been top-notch! Country of Origin - UK
Mas des Tannes Rouge, No Added Sulphur, 2015, Organic (75cl)
A blend of organic Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre grapes, made without any added sulphur. With pure black fruit aromas, a herbal/spicy flavour and a very smooth finish thanks to six months ageing in oak barrels. A great match for grilled meat and pasta.
Simon Weir, of Turfcroft Farm, grows most of our herbs, in a small farm in the New Forest. He has been growing herbs for nearly 30 years now, and has always shied away from using chemicals and pesticides. Mint adds a fresh note to new potatoes as well as fruit salads and punches. Mint is fantastic in a wide range of dishes, combining well with everything from chocolate to tea to fish!
Organic Dijon Mustard, Delouis et Fils (200g)
A luxurious organic Dijon mustard with a touch of wine, so it's a bit softer in texture and flavour next to English mustard. Gorgeous in sauces, like Hollandaise or Bearnaise. Or, simply add a dollop alongside grilled sausages or steak.

It may come as a surprise, but this wonderful herb has nothing to do with Roses or a girl called Mary. It actually translates from Latin as "Dew of the Sea", which we think is rather beautiful. An essential part of any herb collection.^

Country of Origin - UK
Class - Minimum Class 2
Scallops, 4 pack
These sustainably sourced king scallops are seriously meaty and huge. They’ve a light, almost sweet, taste. King scallops are remarkable, at their very best when seared quickly on either side. They can also be baked, or used in fish pie or risotto - they will add a sense of luxury to any seafood dish.
Tomahawk Steak (650g min)
The Tomahawk Steak is an on-the-bone rib steak, cut from the fore-rib of the animal. The entire rib bone is left on and french trimmed. It's truly a sight to behold. The large amount of fat it has, along with still being on the bone, gives the meat a sweet gelatinous flavour once cooked. Sear it, then pop it in the oven, and once you take it out let it rest for a few minutes.
Country of Origin - England
Wild Garlic
Our wild garlic is foraged from the outskirts of organic grower Richard Rowan’s farm. Last year, he discovered that a patch of it had appeared and began harvesting it alongside his spinach and spring greens (that we already featured in our boxes). What a stroke of luck. FYI: as this is wild garlic, it can’t be officially classified as organic. FYI: as this is wild garlic, it can’t be officially classified as organic.
Monthly Wine Club
Three brilliant new organic wines for you to try.
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