What on earth is Skyr?

There's a small island that sits between Greenland and the UK. It has an interesting geological profile, Vikings, a great football team, a sinister chant known as the thunderclap and a wonderful dairy yogurt called Skyr



What is Skyr? Well, it's a low fat, high protein strained yogurt (in fact, it’s cheese) traditionally made with skimmed milk and eaten for breakfast. With its unique climate in Iceland (cattle yield less milk each year) there's not quite enough organic milk around to make an organic Skyr, making it a bit tricky to find.

Lo and behold, Esja Skyr have teamed with some of our friends in south Devon, using organic milk from their herd to create this wonderful yogurt using 100% Organic British Milk.This is one for healthy eaters, foodies, cheese fiends and yogurt hounds alike. Find it in our shop just here

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