We’re good eggs (and good chickens too)

Stick with us here. We’re very pleased to say we’re the proud award winners of both a Good Egg and a Good Chicken award from Compassion in World Farming


What’s all this, then?

Glad you asked, dear reader. Compassion in World Farming, or CIWF (their much shorter nickname) are the leading farm animal welfare charity. Founded in 1967 by a British farmer, Peter Roberts, who wanted to make a difference when he saw the way intensive, factory farming was going.

For us, the ethical treatment of animals is a no brainer and goes hand in hand with organic farming and the Soil Association practises.

Chris Labdon has been looking after his chickens with the highest standards of welfare for years and years. Some of the things the CIWF look for when awarding a Good Chicken award are things like, lower stock density, the use of slow-growing birds (Chris’ birds take twice as long to grow on average compared to a supermarket chicken) and also ‘enrichment provision’. This means things like access to natural light, straw bales, perches, pecking objects, and shelter outdoors. These are things that all of Chris’ chickens enjoy. They spend most of their days outdoors, in fact. Read all about them (and Chris Labdon). Just follow the link at the bottom.

Meanwhile, Andrew Jackson (and a flock of other organic farmers we know and trust) bring the best organic eggs from hens that roam free, feed, scratch and cluck about naturally on organic pastures. Our egg hero Andrew Jackson has made a little chicken paradise on his organic Wiltshire farm. Everything about the way he runs his farm is natural, healthy and sustainable. (The CIWF ask that no eggs can be sourced from hens in barren battery cages or enriched cages. Andrew’s way of farming goes well above and beyond.) 

The health and welfare of his hens come first. Andrew sends us eggs of all sizes, even the smaller ones that hens lay first of all. They don’t fit the standard medium or large size the bigger shops think we’re expecting. We think that’s a waste of a good egg. We’re clucking the trend by taking all of Andrew’s eggs.

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